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For over 30 years, VKC has been making people across India move ahead confidently and comfortably in so many caring ways. En-route, we’ve constantly instilled international standards into our manufacturing processes and in the materials used. No compromises, was a promise we held on to, with tenacity. Today, VKC has earned a place for itself, as one of the most celebrated footwear brands in India. Trusted and relied upon by one and all.

‘Walkaroo’, a new range of footwear is the latest offering from the stable of VKC. A product that has stemmed from the insight about how walking has always been an integral part of people’s lives. Their outdoorsy, free-spirited and audacious attitude towards walking takes them to newer places and experiences. Such is the influence of walking in their lives.

Here we believe, you don’t need a reason to walk, the reason will find you. Needless to saythat, when there are so many reasons to walk, then why not walk in comfort with Walkaroo -a high quality brand that will cater to all, with an attractive range of footwear at economical prices. Thus, the brand idea for Walkaroo- ‘for all walks of life.’

This idea is based on the insight that people are ready to walk for any and every reason – for leisure, for work or just about anything else. The idea also connotes that the brand is for people as a whole with no limiting boundaries of lifestyle, strata, gender, sectors whatsoever.



Walk with an attitude. Walkaroo with confidence.

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