About us

The SOLE and SOUL of young India.

Our ambition drives us to continuously step up and deliver the best range of footwear and to be the most preferred footwear store/footwear brand in India

Our Story

The world holds ‘contentment’ in life as the ultimate purpose, but youngsters today derive the ultimate satisfaction from being in a state of discontentment & restlessness. Walkaroo, the best footwear brand, is on a mission to equip this young Indian with the Infinity Chaser; to never settle for the ordinary and keep moving towards their goals and the infinite possibilities beyond, several restless steps at a time. Our key motivation is to inspire India to fall in love with walking as we believe that only when you start walking, you start moving forward. That's why we say: WALK KARO!

With the belief; FEET FEEL RESTLESS WHEN THEY ARE RESTED we encourage & equip every young Indian foot to walk the distance of twenty! Our forever values provide us guiding light at every step of our journey

Democratizing Fashion

Fashion has always been considered a luxury. A luxury, exclusive to only a fraction of people. Walkaroo, a footwear brand in India, democratized fashion with an objective: “FASHION FOR ALL" by introducing more than 1200 offerings in diverse categories to fulfil the footwear need of the young and rising India at the most affordable prices

Spirit of Maximization

We are 'The Infinity Chasers', for us goals are like stars in the sky- forever moving and countless and discontentment is the only form of contentment as the more we scale, the more we want to keep chasing. Our inspiration, our drive, and our energy is all based on one thing: HUNGER FOR MORE!

Partnering Progress

Walkaroo’s commitment to the community and sustainable development is a testament to our core value of collaborative progression. With multiple CSR initiatives, we are empowering our community to ensure a happy today and an even better tomorrow

Transparency & Honesty

Walkaroo, a footwear store/footwear brand, is all about being REAL, and authenticity is what differentiates us. With many Quality checks and the most affordable pricing, Walkaroo is a synonym for quality and comfort. The overwhelming appreciation from our consumers is only because of one thing, TRUST. WELCOME TO WALKAROO – THE TRIBE OF WALKERS