What type of shoes is best for your feet? Shoes with good design and great style. But What makes a great shoe? A design that prioritises comfort. 

Comfortable shoes are trendyas they should be. And it's high time we do what's best for our soles. The end goal is to keep your feet healthy, protected and comfortable. The comfort shoes should suit your feet' shape, size, and activity type. So, the first step you need to take is to figure out your foot type. The next step is easy. You walk into a Walkaroo store, pick the best comfort shoe off the rack and take it home. 

But how do you know if a shoe is comfortable? Let's walk through some features you need to look for then. 

Firm Sole: 

A firm sole provides stability to your feet. If the sole is too flexible, it may hurt your feet, but if it is too thick, it may feel uncomfortable to walk in. The weight of the outsole is also an important deciding factor.

Sole material: 

Choose a sole based on the kind of support it provides:

  • Polyurethane soles provide excellent support and comfort. 
  • A gel sole offers shock absorption and extra cushioning. 
  • Air foam soles are lightweight and flexible, making them a customer favorite.

Cushioned insole:

Padded insoles, often found in the best comfort shoes, take the shape of your foot and provide maximum comfort. The cushioned insoles ensure your feet stay supported when walking on hard floors like concrete.

Arch support:

If you have high arches, it is crucial that you wear shoes that have extra padding inside. If you have a flat arch, find shoes with stabilizing support. The proper arch support redistributes weight evenly, corrects your posture, and helps relieve areas prone to pressure on your feet. 


Besides lace, your shoe should have velcro straps and strategic slits. It allows you to customize the fit to your individual needs. So, find a shoe that fits like a glove. 

Toe Box:

Is your toe box wide? Will it accommodate all your toes? The answer should be 'yes' to both questions. A spacious toe box allows you to move your toes freely, preventing blisters, bunions, shoe bites, etc. Shoes with wide toe boxes are often the most comfortable mens shoes.

Shoe material: 

The material your shoe is made of plays a huge role in determining how comfortable it will be. Stiff leather, suede and PVC are a no-go. Instead, look for soft leather or Knit shoes that bend and move with your feet. 


Going on a run is therapeutic for most, cathartic even. A good shoe made of breathable materials can enhance your experience and comfort. Pick a shoe made of a knitted upper for the most comfort. 

With Walkaroo, you don't have to worry about trying on 100 different pairs of shoes to find your perfect match. Instead, put your best foot forward and visit our store. Whether it’s comfort shoes for men or comfort shoes for women, we have it all! You'll find exactly what you need - A solemate to keep your sole comfortable.