Summer is the season of sunshine and happiness. You see people enjoying sunsets at the beach and the warm sand under their feet. You leave the AC running to stay cool all day at home. But sooner than later, the heat and sweat get to you. So, pick the right summer footwear and stay one step ahead of the summer heat!

There are many types of summer shoes to choose from, each with its unique features and design. Whether it's men's summer shoes or summer footwear for ladies, Walkaroo has it all. But first, let's walk through the highlights of each footwear for summer so you can pick what is right for you!


Slides are the best footwear for summer, made trendy by influencers wearing Slides. Walkaroo Slides like WC4269 and WL7428, come in a variety of colours you can flaunt on all occasions. You can easily slip them on and off without worrying about blisters or bunions. The thick strap and ribbed soles provide the right amount of comfort and support for all casual summer activities. At Walkaroo, you could also find women's and men's sandals under 500 just like slides.


Summer is the one time of the year you finally get

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