5 Men's Flip Flops to Inspire Your OOTD

5 Men's Flip Flops to Inspire Your OOTD

5 Men's Flip Flops to Inspire Your OOTD

Men's Flipflops to Inspire Your OOTD


Men’s flip-flops are one of the most versatile footwear ever envisioned. Pair it with any outfit and you are good to go. Being easy to wear and lightweight, it has been, and always will be the go-to choice for a relaxed casual day.


These pair of chappals can be worn at home to lounge and sip beverages in, a snazzy look for a beach day, an easy slip-on for a quick run to the store, or, now more so than ever, the perfect match for your work from home needs. Available in trendy colours and designs, men’s flip-flops can even be seen coupled with smart casuals, radiating a fashionable urban look!



Here are a few outfits to partner men’s slippers with for a fine and tasteful ensemble.


Tailored Shorts:



Slippers for men come in various designs and patterns. This, being a key factor, naturally goes well with a clean and neat pair of tailored shorts and an intricately patterned shirt.

Creating a juxtaposition of motifs along the way, it gives off a pleasant yet fashionable outlook, adhering to all your needs from a short grocery stop to a casual trip outdoors.


Men’s slippers online are equipped with a wide assortment of flip flops for you to go through and pick the pair that resonates with your style the most - allowing you the opportunity to put together a remarkable OOTD. The Walkaroo Men Printed Thong Sandals is one such option with electric blue stripes across its surface with wide straps to provide you with all the grip that you need.


Being black in colour, it also automatically compliments your look, irrespective of the colour making it the perfect choice.


Who doesn’t love jeans?

It is a classic fit that unionises everyone's style. Whether you are passionate about suits and blazers or tee and shorts, jeans are a common entity that is beloved by all.

Don’t know what to wear?

Pull out a pair of blue or black jeans of your choice and layer them over an effortless t-shirt or a pullover along with a pair of easy Walkaroo Men Textured Thong Sandals and you’re set to make a statement.


The flip flops come with a thick blue fabric strap and red accents creating a beautiful blend of hues throughout making it the ideal outfit! Seeing that it is also light and durable, it is perfect for long hours and leisure walks.

Hawaiian Wear:

Hawaiian wear is known worldwide as the official beach and relaxation wear.

What better way to amp it up than with a jazzy set of Walkaroo Men Printed Thong Sandals?

With the variety of designs in both the outfit as well as the slippers, you can never go wrong with putting together a combination that works.

The dark sea blue flip-flops with orange highlights prove to be the best solution for a day at the beach time and time again with regards to its fluidity, colour scheme as well as its ability to match your every outfit choice.

Having enough grip to help you out with the slip of sand and water, the footwear is one that combines both sturdiness and style. Get into your OOTD now and get ready to conquer the day.

Smart Casuals:

Grab yourself a collared shirt, a breezy overcoat or blazer, and a neat set of suit pants to assemble the perfect set of smart casuals. Now that your wardrobe is decided, let's take a look at the shoes at hand.

Why not make a bold statement by coupling them with simple yes fashionable Walkaroo Men Solid Thong Sandals. With the wind at your heel, it leaves you with a new and refreshed look to make heads turn every step of the way.

Designed to perfection with good grip and stylish tan brown upper and white accents, it exudes elegance and grace all the way.


Need a neat pair of sophisticated slippers to wear to a casual dinner party with your friends?

Well, you now have an OOTD that is both comfortable, and elegant, and YOU!

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