Best Slippers For Women For Style And Comfort

Best Slippers For Women For Style And Comfort

Best Slippers For Women For Style And Comfort

Best Slippers for Women for Style and Comfort


Let’s face it. The lockdown has made most of us slippers-only people, and wearing heels has become very occasional. Women’s slippers are also the most comfortable footwear anyone can find all across the globe.



Rocking different looks is not just about the outfit, but accessorizing them with amazing footwear takes it up a notch.

Stylish does not mean uncomfortable. With several medical practitioners calling for the importance of the right footwear, Walkaroo offers the most stylish and comfortable slippers for women at the best price range. They are also durable and can be used for a long time.

Here are some of the best slippers for women that never go out of style,

Tan Floaters and outdoor sandals

Walkaroo’s floaters and outdoor sandals in tan colour are the best choices for all outfits. The tan shade is not too bright making it wearable for all outfits and occasions. These women’s slippers are lightweight and have a soft footbed, making them comfortable to wear for long hours.

The sole is durable and has traction to avoid skidding. They are also flexible and can be worn during strenuous activities or continuous walking throughout the day. Tan is a colour choice that is ideal for someone who wears colourful clothes and keeps the accessories simple.


Pink flipflops

Pink is one of the most preferred shades by women. These pink slippers for women come with a beautiful flower design on the strap, making a simple flipflop look like regular ethnic footwear.

Any cool outfit can be matched with these pink flip-flops for a comfortable feel and look. The sole has proper grip and the slippers for women are light enough to be worn all day.


Grey sandals

One cannot go wrong with grey. It suits almost every colour in the chart, even enhancing them by providing a beautiful contrast. These grey slippers for women have a series of horizontal thin straps in the middle to make them look unique and stylish. The self-design enhances its beauty and gives it a dramatic look.

Since they are completely flat, one cannot help but buy more of the women’s slippers or even recommend them to friends. Match this with a cool outfit on a day out or even a day of shopping, you are good to go.


Grey mint slippers

Grey mint is a unique shade that is a mixture of grey and green. It creates a beautiful dramatic shade that can complement any outfit, both in colour and style.

These soft slippers for women come with dual-coloured straps (grey and green) bringing out the uniqueness of the colours individually as well. The self-design is an added beauty. These women’s slippers can be matched with any outfit, specifically everyday casual, making it cooler than ever.


Blue flipflops/slippers

Blue is always termed as a “common colour” to indicate it can be matched with any other colour. A basic blue slipper or flipflop can keep it simple. If you are looking for comfortable and stylish women’s slippers to pick without putting much thought into it, these blue slippers for women should be your go-to choice. The pretty leaf design in the slippers makes it interesting. If you think blue is boring, pick a pink variation of the same.


Blue pink casual slippers

women's casual slippers

Blue and pink are a beautiful combination. With a majority of blue and pops of pink all through, these slippers for women look cute and stylish. The straps are dual in colour, bringing out the beauty of both blue and pink.

The shades are so perfectly matched with each other that you need not worry about finding the right outfit for these slippers for women. They can go with any shade of clothing. The pop of gold on top provides stunning contrast and adds to the style.

All the above-mentioned slippers for women are easily available online at affordable rates, yet do not compromise on the quality of the products.


Walkaroo, as a brand, believes in providing style, comfort, and durability in one.

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