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These flip-flops from Walkaroo are typically worn as a casual wear. They have a flat sole held on the foot by a toe thong which gives you good grip. They can be worn indoors or outdoors. Match it with your pajamas, sweatpants, hoodies,etc. And with the flip flop day outfits like the long dress, denim skirt or all black denim look, plays up the colourful Flip-flops. Try to keep the look as monochromatic as possible and play with proportions i.e., flowing bottoms & tight top. Care instructions: Minimal care, no maintenance needed.
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Manufactured by: Walkaroo International Pvt Ltd. Plot No 10-12, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Malumichampatti, Coimbatore - 641050 India

Commodity - Footwear

Number of Commodity - 2N (1 Pair)

Customercare: 1800-572-2999 | customercare@walkaroo.in

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Great for Short Walks, Even Better for Durability,Supportive, Durable, and Anti-Slip Flips

## Walkaroo Women's Flip Flop - WC4292 Olive: A Review for Casual Comfort

These Walkaroo flip flops in olive are a decent choice for casual wear, but with a few limitations. Here's a breakdown of my experience:

**Comfort:** They're moderately comfortable. I'd recommend them for short walks, ideally under a kilometer a day. For longer treks, you might want something with more cushioning. However, **the footbed has a surprising fluffiness** that adds a touch of unexpected comfort.

**Arch Support:** The arch support is average. They won't win any awards for arch support, but they're not totally flat either.

**Fit:** This is a key point. The straps hug snugly around the tarsal bones, metatarsals, cuboid bone, navicular bone, and the medial longitudinal arch. This might feel a little tight at first, but it also provides good grip and prevents your foot from flopping around.

**Durability:** These flip flops seem well-made and should hold up well with regular wear. Impressively, **the fluffy material seems to be quite tough**. **While I wouldn't recommend testing it, small stone chips didn't pierce the sole during my use.**

**Sizing:** They are true to size, which is great!

**Returns:** While I didn't experience any return issues myself, there have been some mentions of return hassles online.

**Overall:** These Walkaroo flip flops are a good option for quick errands, lounging around the house, or poolside. They're comfortable enough for short walks, but not ideal for long distances. The snug fit might take some getting used to, but it provides good support. Durability seems good, and sizing is accurate. Just be aware of potential return difficulties mentioned by other customers.

**Bonus:** The combination of fluffy comfort and surprising toughness makes these flip flops a bit unexpected. They might be worth a try if you're looking for a casual sandal that's both comfortable and durable.

Seetha Ganesh

Order no.19427 is not delivered to our Teynampet address given .please take necessary action.

Dr Samuel Wesley

Good product

Size is not appropriate

I have requested for the return. No one has come for collecting the return despite of several requests


Very Comfortable and beautiful... Tnku