Frequently Asked Questions


What is the delivery Timeline?

The delivery can happen in 7-10 business days, based on your pin code

Is COD available?

Yes, COD is available however the facility is based on your pin code

Can I make payments in parts?

No, you can either place an order by COD and pay only cash, else you can make an Online payment.

How do I contact Walkaroo International?

You can always write to us atmarketing@walkaroo.inor call us at1800-572-2999. Our toll-free numbers are available on Monday – Saturday, between 9 AM – 6.30 PM.

When will the money be debited from my card?

Your payment will be debited for the full amount only after you confirm and proceed with the payment process.

Can I pay with a specific card?

You can pay using any of the following - American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro. You can also choose Net Banking, UPI, Credit Card or Debit Card at the time of purchase, from the payments page.

Can I use 2 cards to pay for one order?

We are sorry but at the moment you can pay using only one card.

Do I have to register an account with WALKAROO to place an order?

No. You can buy on WALKAROO site as a guest. However, setting up an account on WALKAROO is a simple process and it allows you to make repeat purchases without having to enter details every single time.

Can I add to an existing order?

You can add items to your order until you click on "Proceed to Checkout" on the ‘Cart’ page, which will take you to the payments page. Once the order is confirmed, you can't add items to the same order. If you'd like to order additional items, please place a new order.

Can I place an order from overseas?

You can place an order from overseas, however the delivery location should be in India, in our serviceable list.

What should I do if My Credit/Debit card was refused while placing an order?

If your credit or debit card was refused while placing an order on WALKAROO , please re-attempt placing your order using a different card. For details on why your card was refused, please contact your Banking Card Issuer.

Do I have to be there to sign for delivery?

Most deliveries require someone to be present to accept and sign for the delivery. This is simply to ensure the goods were delivered and received correctly. It is recommended being present or designating a representative who has information of the order, so that you can confirm the order receipt at the time of delivery.

What counts as proof of purchase?

The unique order ID shared with your through the order confirmation email is your proof of purchase. We will also send you the invoice when the shipping confirmation mail is sent to you.

Are receipts sent with deliveries?

All dispatches will be along with a proper tax receipt/invoice.

I have requested a password reminder for my account and haven't yet received it, what do I do?

Please check your email, sometimes our mail could have been redirected to the spam folder. If you have not received a mail from us, kindly write to us at or call us at 1800-572-2999. Our Toll-free numbers are available on Monday – Saturday, between 9 AM – 6.30 PM.

How can I view and update my account details?

Once you've registered with WALKAROO, you can sign in to your account at any time to view and update the personal details you have saved.

My card was billed twice, whom should I contact?

Please contact our Customer Care Helpline at 1800-572-2999, and share details of your Order and Email ID. We will assist you with any issues that you may face with our website. You can also write to us at

How do I view, make additions and deletions on “ My Cart “?

You can view “My Cart” on the top right corner of our website. All our products can be added to Cart by clicking on “ Add to Cart “, below the product image and description. If you would like to delete a product previously selected, just click the X mark on the product row on “ My Carts “.

How do I change the Quantity of a particular item on my Cart?

Under “ My Cart “ you have the option of selecting Quantity, by clicking on the dropdown arrow under the Quantity Column.

Can I use My Debit/Credit card to make a payment on my mobile?

Yes, you can. You can pay using any of the following -American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Discover, and Visa Debit. You can also choose Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit Card at the time of purchase, from the payments page.

If I add items to my cart when it is on sale, do I still get sale prices when I “ Proceed to check out “, after the Sale closes?

No. Sale prices will be available during checkout up until our last sale day. After a sale has ended, sale prices will be discontinued.

I have saved items on my cart but when I proceed to check out, I receive a message that this item is “currently not available”, what does this mean?

It means that this product is out of stock or temporarily disabled on our website.

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

Can I return an item that I have purchased online? Will I get refunded?

Please refer our exchange and return policy for more details.

What should I do if I have a defective Item?

Ex: One of my items is past the expiration date . In case you find quality issues after opening your WALKAROO delivered package, please write your grievance to or contact us at our Customer Care helpline at 1800-572-2999.

Will I be able to know when my order has been dispatched for delivery?

You will receive an email and SMS for the shipping confirmation, when your order has been shipped from our warehouse.

Will I be able to check the status of my order?

Yes, you can track your order on our website. You will need to enter your order ID and email address in the “Track Order” page, or you can also check the ‘My Accounts’ section if you are registered on the WALKAROO website.

Can I cancel my order once payment is made? How?

Yes, you can cancel an order, any time before your order has been dispatched for delivery. To cancel an existing order, select ‘Track Order’ on the website, enter your order ID and email address. Select ‘Cancel’. You can also do this from the ‘My accounts’ section if you are registered with us. Else please call our customer care department.

Can I provide two addresses on my account details: one for billing and one for shipping?

Yes, you can provide us a different address for shipping and billing for Cash on Delivery and prepaid orders.

Can I make item exchanges once I receive my order?

If you wish to exchange the item, you will have to return the product and place a fresh order on our website. You may return any product purchased from our website, within 7 business days, from the date of delivery.

I still have not received a refund from my bank, what should I do? Whom should I contact?

Please get in touch with our Customer Care department at our toll-free number1800-572-2999. and share your Order ID with us. If the refund has already been initiated with us, it takes 30 working days for your bank to refund it to your account.

I have initiated a cancellation process, but I would like to retain the product, what should I do?

We will not be able to deliver products that were previously cancelled, you have to make a fresh order on our website.

How long does the cancellations process take? When will I be able to see my money refund in my bank account?

Your order will be cancelled as soon as you choose the ‘Cancel’ option in the ‘Track Order’ page or the ‘My Accounts’ page. To initiate the refund, we will take 7 working days. It will take up to 15 working days for the refund amount to reflect in your bank account, on initiation of refund.

I was delivered the wrong package, what should I do?

Please initiate a request for return from the ‘Track Orders’ page or the ‘My Account’ page. Refer our returns and exchange policy for more details.