5 Best Casual And Comfortable Sandals For Men


Men’s sandals are here to save our days irrespective of whether we wear ethnic or modern or casual clothing. The comfort and the style quotient are unmatched. If you are not a shoes or sneakers person, sandals are the savior. 


However, with so many men’s sandals in the market, we feel spoilt for choices. Fear not, Walkaroo is here to help you make an informed decision.  


Have a look at the best 5 casual and comfortable sandals for men



1.. Brown Outdoor Casual Sandals

Brown is a color that can go with any dark shade and lighter complementing shades like sandal color, mustard, etc. The dual straps on these men’s sandals provide good hold of the feet, and the ones moving across to the top are sure to fit any feet perfectly.


Those with broad feet need not worry about the fit because they are suitable especially for broad feet. The soft sole guarantees an easy-to-use and comfortable feel.


2. Blue and orange sandals 

Blue is a common color that can go with any outfit's color choices. Combine this versatility with stylish sandals for men, you have the perfect match. 

Adding a bit of orange gives the perfect dynamic to both your feet and the outfit. Being the best-priced product, this is unsurprisingly in high demand. 

3. Blue floaters 

While we have discussed enough the versatility of blue in men’s sandals, one should not forget the form in which it comes adds more to the beauty. For instance, these floaters slippers from Walkaroo are the most comfortable footwear of all.


Floaters play a huge role in any man’s life, be it everyday footwear or travel wear or even for short and simple hikes, it is floaters all the way. Blue and floaters – what better combination in men’s sandals do you want? 

Bear in mind that this is one of the best men's sandals under 500

4. Black sandals 


Black - the colour of the class. These black stylish sandals for men from Walkaroo are the best for any outfit and occasion. They are visible and prominent in any outfit, gathering just enough attention to your feet. 

A little strap of brown accentuates the style and breaks the monotony of black. The stitches around the edges make up for a simple stylish design, also ensuring that the footwear is durable and strong. All these features make this one easily one of the sandals for men under 500.

5.Black and red sports sandals 

The black and red combination is unbeatable. Sports sandals indicate that they can be used for playing sports apart from the daily use of men’s sandals. This proves its durability and the quality of the sandals.


They can also withstand rough regular use, and the dirt can be washed away in an instant. Sports men’s sandals can also be used for rough activities like trekking, jogging, walking, etc. 



As evident, the collection of men’s sandals over the years has expanded massively, and their usage has been on the rise. So, what are you waiting for?

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