7 types of footwear that match your weekend outfits

7 types of footwear that match your weekend outfits

7 types of footwear that match your weekend outfits

7 Types of Footwear that Match Weekend Outfits


It’s finally Friday and you can’t decide what shoe to pair with your snazzy outfit?


We’ve got you covered! Sometimes, you might have your outfit ready for the weekend but not the right shoes to coordinate with them or vice versa.



Footwear in that sense can either complete your ensemble or ruin the whole look. They are a forever wardrobe staple and necessity for every event you attend! Pairing shoes with your outfit is like pairing wine with cheese.


Here are some tips to complete your outfit looks with the best type of footwear.



Elegant outfits with Slip-on sneakers:

Whether you dress in a summer-style Heidi dress, cuffed jeans or a simple tee, slip-on sneakers are the real deal. They are comfortable, airy and super trendy to go with all your casual shoes and whimsy outfits.

It adds a sporty-chic style to your appearance and in no time, you’re going to want to wear this to all your daily events.

Make sure you check out the slip-on shoes for men under 1500 that can steal your heart. 



Summer outfits with wedges:

Summer is for short dresses, tank tops and high wedges. These are the best type of footwear for women during the hot season because they make you feel confident and comfortable in your look.

They are so versatile because you can pair them with any stylish outfit you might want to do, be it an airy maxi dress or jeans and a top!


Bodycon dresses with pumps:

Add a dash of elegance to your dreary daily outfits with a bodycon dress.

What better to pair this outfit with than a couple of pretty pumps?

Choose nude shades of your dress to go with a darker shade of pumps and your outfits for the fall season are sorted!


Multi-layer outfits with boots:

Winter outfits are a little hard to plan because you need to stay cosy as well as look your best. Plan your outfit according to the shoes you pick out this time!

Thigh-high boots are a definite attraction and when you pair them with a figure-hugging dress and long trench coats, you’re good to go! Ankle leather boots can go with a pair of jeans and winter coats when looking for the best pair of shoes for men!

If you are looking for the perfect one, make sure you check out the men’s shoes under 1500 we offer at Walkaroo. 



Gym Shoes for Sportswear

Whether you are going out for a jog or hitting the gym to get toned up, gym shoes for men/women would be ideal. One thing is that they are stylish, and most importantly, their ergonomic design ensures your feet are comfortable throughout your workout stint. 


Check out the mens gym shoes we offer at Walkaroo to get the gist. Also, if your workouts are less intensive, our walking shoes for men would be enough. So, don't forget to check out our collection of mens walking shoes as well. 

Floral wear with strap shoes (heel or no heel):

Enhancing your features with the perfect floral outfit is a go-to for all the ladies out there. When you put these together with the right pair of high-heel strap shoes, it gives you the utmost confidence that your look is complete perfection.

Strap shoes without heels will look just as elegant and chic when paired similarly when picking out the best footwear for women.



White low Top Trainer with Casual wear:

In styling both men and women, we always believe you can never go wrong with a perfect pair of white trainers. White low tops are paired the best with monochrome black jeans or pants. They are minimalistic, sleek and most comfortable to move around in.


Formal wear with loafers:

A pair of brown loafers can be the perfect match for any formal wear, and can also double up as a good pair for casual official events as well. They can be coordinated with a range of colours across a nude palette and a few darker colours like navy blue or black.


The best thing about loafers is that they’re unisex and can be worn with any outfit anywhere. To find the Best footwear for men and women check walkaroo.

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