6 Tips to choose the best formal shoes for your office fits

6 Tips to choose the best formal shoes for your office fits

6 Tips to choose the best formal shoes for your office fits

6 Tips to choose the best formal shoes for your office fits


Revamping your wardrobe for official wear can be a hard enough task individually and choosing an apt design for yourself is vital because you know that you look your best.


Pair it with styling your shoes accordingly and you might feel overwhelmed with it all. Shoes come in a whole range of styles, designs and colours and are most comfortable.


Among the six of a wide range of shoes available in the market, formal shoes are one of the most sought because of their popularity in the world of fashion for office. Off-the-rack selections may or may not work in your favour unless you are aware of what to look for when you buy them.


Be it Oxfords, Derby lace-ups or brogues, there exist a wide range of shoes in the market that can be a little intimidating but when it comes to buying shoes for men, look no further because here are some brilliant pointers that will come in use to complete your sharp look, whether it’s for daily wear or something snazzy for a formal office party.



Choose the right material:

Formal shoes for men are the ideal companions for blazers or trousers that can be worn officially. Comfort plays an important role here. Picking out from the lot what material most suits you is vital.


Leather is the most common fabric used in shoemaking because of its long-lasting capability. But if you buy leather shoes, make sure you keep climate change in mind. The hotter it gets, the less likely it is that you can wear this material.



Get your fit right:

Wearability is of utmost importance when it comes to buying the best formal shoes for men. Make sure your feet have the space to breathe within the confines of leather and laces.


If full coverage isn’t for you, you might consider buying loafers because they provide an area for comfort and are airy as well.


Pick your quintessential classics:

If you find that you are submerged in the sea of formal men’s shoes, you will find that you can’t go wrong with classics like some old vintage Oxfords or your new and improved Derby’s.


Get a standard pair that you can lace up or slip on with ease and you’re good to go for the day!

Create the perfect colour scheme:

Landing on the perfect shade on the colour wheel for formal shoes is essential in the world of shoe purchases. One rule that you must how closely is that the darker your pantsuit is, the darker your shoes must be to match them.


Light colours for shoes don’t blend in with dark shades and it is significant that you know your colours before you try and pair them together in fashion.

Get dapper with your look

If your shoes don’t jazz up your mundane everyday look, cancel them out right now!

Slip on a nifty pair that is trendy, in fashion and most importantly, convenient to walk about in for your back-to-back meetings.

Versatility in formal shoes:

In buying the perfect pair of shoes for yourself, get a formal set that can double up as comfort wear for casual events as well as your regular daily wear to work. It can always help cut costs and you get to flaunt it in different styles!



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