6 Common Footwear Mistakes Men Make During Special Occasions

6 Common Footwear Mistakes Men Make During Special Occasions

6 Common Footwear Mistakes Men Make During Special Occasions

Common Footwear Mistakes Men Make During Special Occasions


Stylish footwear to match your fashion choices are now available in every nook and corner of the city. The challenge is not finding shoes for occasions anymore but rather finding the right ones. Good shoes is an investment, a property to hold on to. Making sure you pick the best of the lot that caters to your needs as an individual is what matters the most.



A slight difference is colour or shape could make a whole lot of difference, especially when it comes to stylish mens footwear for special occasions. It is time you stop buying aimlessly, purely based on anticipation, and start taking the job with a bit more seriousness. Below are a few common mistakes to avoid while buying mens footwear to ensure you have the best time at special occasions.




Choose for the Occasion: Every occasion demands a certain type of shoe. Be it loafers, derby or boat, read up on what is recommended for your specific situation.


More often than not, though they might still be a subset of formal shoes, they might not match the criteria for the occasion you are attending. Making sure you have the right pair selected will make all the difference on how you are perceived by the audience.



Invest in Quality: Quality of a shoe is one of the most important pointers to consider while choosing footwear. Often people forget to address this measure and end up having to deal with withering and worn-out shoes. It is a very noticeable element, particularly while wearing outfits for special occasions. Stylish footwear is only as valuable as the quality attached to it.


Ergonomics: Focusing on fit and comfort is first and foremost while choosing your shoe for the day. Most events last a few hours at the least. Picking footwear that feels ergonomically right and agreeable for long hours is the shoe to go for.


Not abiding by this factor could ruin the occasion leading to cramping and foot pain. Always pick the shoe that provides the most comfort and supports the sole of your feet to its maximum capacity.



Contrast: Contrast is important but make sure it’s the right one. As per custom, wearing shoes and clothes of the same colour do not have the impact you think it would. Though it might not be completely disagreeable, what would accentuate your look further is choosing shoes that compliment your fit with its contrasting tones.


Instead of going for black shoes with a black fit, try shades of brown the next time around. Having said that, matching your shoe with the colour of your belt is always recommended. This helps tie your entire look together, leaving you with a clean and sharp look.



Equating Value with Price: Do not evaluate the value of a product with respect to its price. This is a common mistake made by many. Considering the occasion, people tend to lean towards what they think will appeal more to the crowd.


This is a misconception that should be avoided at all costs. Always determine the value of your product in terms of comfort and style, never its monetary value.



Polishing and Storage: The maintenance of your shoe is of utmost importance. A lot of the time, occasional stylish footwear is stashed away into storage containers for days and weeks at a time without having been used. Due to special occasions being rare events, the shoes may not be used on a daily basis and this could lead to corrosion.



Polishing them on a regular basis and storing them in a moisture-free area will help preserve its quality and looks while being at your disposal at any given time. Check out the men's formal shoes at Walkaroo.

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