5 Tips to Follow While Buying Footwear

5 Tips to Follow While Buying Footwear

5 Tips to Follow While Buying Footwear

The footwear market has multiplied exponentially over the years. With a bizarre amount of options and designs, choosing the right shoes has become harder still. Not just women and kids, but slippers for men too now have a vast range of collections to sort through.


Here are five helpful tips to follow while buying footwear.



Comfort can primarily be evaluated using two factors. Size and materiality. The softness and padding your shoe provides make or break the deal.


Buying shoes that are agile and supply adequate ventilation, either through perforations or design itself, is something you should not miss out on. Whether they are flip-flops or sandals, inspect its straps, soles, and make before committing to the footwear. You should also check the inside of the shoes for any seams, bulges, or hardened areas that may deem uncomfortable.


Sole Check:

Be it slippers for men, women or kids, the sole of your footwear makes all the difference, ergonomically and otherwise. Once the size and comfort aspect is sorted, you should turn your attention to the flexibility of your shoe’s sole. The ability of the sole to bend will help the proper flex of your forefoot, especially when it comes to kids slippers.


Feet were made to bend at the ball of the foot, allowing for smoother movement. Supporting the foot's natural flexibility reduces stress and strain on other areas of the foot and body.



Seasonal Fits:

Buy shoes for the occasion. While buying footwear, always choose according to the current season at hand. winter slippers are very different from that summer slippers. See to it that you have a collection that fits all.


As trends keep changing, there is always a huge influx of new designs on display. Go through everything and buy only what is necessary.



Size and Shape:

Wait until the afternoon to shop for shoes - your feet naturally expand with use during the day and may swell in hot weather. Your shoes should match up to the configurations of your feet and not the other way around. Apart from the length and width of the footwear, it is important that there is a sufficient toe gap at the tips as your feet move back and forth to almost half a centimetre (0.5 cm) while walking.


The second thing would be arch support. As each individual’s foot arch is different, finding one that provides maximum comfort and brace will ensure healthy and happy feet.


Finally, ensure the heel of the footwear is firm and has a good assist. Especially when it comes to slippers for women, wherein a large percentage of the market is dedicated to heels, awake walk around and to check the brace and comfort before purchasing them.



Brand and Manufacturing:

Take your time. High-quality shoes that are worth every penny you pay for them.


The brand, more often than not, directly represents the shoe’s quality. Always go for labels you are previously aware of or have used. In case of new brands, do a thorough check and read up on reviews before making an investment.

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