How to Choose the Best Quality Footwear for Men & Women at Affordable Price

How to Choose the Best Quality Footwear for Men & Women at Affordable Price

How to Choose the Best Quality Footwear for Men & Women at Affordable Price

How to Choose the Best Quality Footwear for Men & Women at Affordable Price 





It’s an old cliche, but nothing says more about you than your footwear. Not the pearl snaps on your cuff or the signature red hem on your trusty denim – not even your velvet tie.


A high-quality, well-made pair of footwear is the absolute, unbreakable foundation upon which the rest of your outfit is built.  Nevertheless, knowingly or unknowingly, we’ve all purchased subpar footwear — only to regret the decision much later when the ill-fitting pair left blisters all over the feet.  


A high-quality footwear, on the other hand, will feel like pillows on your feet. However, choosing footwear — one that won’t compromise on quality or break the bank, isn’t as easy as it seems, given the multitude of brands that flood the market today.  


To that end, we’ve put together 4 simple points that can amp up your footwear game. Trust us, your feet will thank you for it.



Simply put, always invest in footwear engineered using materials which let your feet breathe. Pick up shoes/slippers made of natural materials/fabrics like leather, cotton and wool. These tend to be lightweight, breathable and durable.


Avoid footwear mistake which incorporates cheap, shoddy materials like thin suede, low-grade leather or plastic. 



There’s more to footwear than meets the eye. How the upper is stitched to the sole can have a significant bearing on a footwear’s quality and performance.


Therefore, opt for a pair that’s evenly stitched and won’t come undone post-regular usage.  Apart from the stitching, pay attention to all the parts of footwear.


Walk around in the shoes for a few minutes to check the quality of the sole and material before confirming.


Does the sole have any defect?


Does the upper have any creases?


Does the heel wobble?


If the answer was a resounding no, grab that pair already. A well-constructed footwear will snugly hold all its parts together.  


Do your research 

A little research goes a long way, yet many people overlook it. Pore over the reviews and ratings to find out if other customers are satisfied with the footwear. Here’s what our customers think of us.


Rub test

A rub test looks at the colour fastness of footwear. This is when you rub the outside of the shoe with a dry or wet cloth to ensure the colour doesn’t bleed off. If the footwear is of superior quality, it will have the ability to maintain its colour.



This method is applicable to all types of footwear, regardless of the materials. Good shoes don’t lose colour. It’s as simple as that.

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