How To Choose the Best Women’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet

How To Choose the Best Women’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet

How To Choose the Best Women’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet

How To Choose the Best Women’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet 


Let’s face it- whether it’s an occasional inconvenience on a sweltering afternoon or a problem we wrestle with frequently, we’ve all endured sweaty feet. And not only is it annoying—between the damp fabric, the stickiness, and the smell (ugh, the smell...) — your feet become susceptible to rashes and infections.


But why fret, when you can stop the sweat in its stinky tracks by choosing the right pair of slippers?


Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few factors to consider while buying women's slippers for sweaty feet.  





First things first, let your feet breathe. Whether it's lightweight uppers, perforations, or simply a style which incorporates breathable materials, always go for loose-fitting slippers that allow heat to escape. As for design, open-toe/open-back slippers deliver maximum breathability and airflow, giving your feet unparalleled comfort. 


Now take a moment and ask your feet to imagine what it would be like if someone blended a classic silhouette with laid-back elegance and functionality. If your feet are having a hard time imagining that kind of thing, you need to pamper them more often.  If not, they’re probably thinking of Walkaroo’s Tyge Ladies Thong.


 It has everything you’d want in a breezy slipper. It’s ultra-lightweight and stylish with exceptional comfort which only keeps getting better with time and usage. Plus, it goes with just about any outfit. 



Moisture Management 

Look for slippers that can efficiently wick away moisture and keep your feet dry. Such slippers can help alleviate the slimy and damp feeling that comes with walking around, drenched in sweat. 


Moisture-wicking technology serves two purposes: moves moisture to the slipper’s outer surface, and quickly dries it to protect your feet from turning into a stinky swamp.




Happy, non-sticky feet.  

Having said that, we have a hunch you’ll toss those ratty socks that you usually pair with your flats into the bin and check out some of our moisture-wicking slippers.


Anti-slip footbed 

Wearing slippers that are not absorbent or have a smooth footbed with little to no grip could lead to your feet slipping and sliding around. 


Now picture this happening while descending the stairs or venturing across the street. Not cool, right? That’s why it is important to pick up slippers with a firm and sturdy footbed which provides proper traction. 


If getting a firm grip is your priority, this flexible thong slipper for women might be your best bet. It comes with a sturdy, contoured and perforated footbed which means you won’t be lying on the sidewalk with a freshly sprained ankle.


Designed with comfort in mind, it gives your toes plenty of wiggle room. But just to give you a heads up, this one usually sells out quickly, so snag a pair before it slinks away.


Odour resistance 

Even slippers with ample breathability tend to reek of that rancid stench after regular usage. It’s quite natural, given that 250,000 sweat glands reside on our feet, producing around half a pint of perspiration every day.


So, for long-lasting freshness and hygiene, opt for slippers engineered with anti-microbial linings which neutralize odour-causing bacteria — one that lets you strut around confidently, without stinking up the whole room and jeopardizing your foot health. 


Say goodbye to smelly feet with women’s slippers which excel in durability and odour resistance.  


Bonus tip 

If you’re someone who sweats profusely, consider having at least two pairs of slippers, that way you can alternate between them on a daily basis. Let one pair air out for 24 hours while the other one is in use so that they’re entirely dry the next time you slip them on. Well, isn’t that a good excuse to grab another pair? 


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