Shoe guide for kicking it back to school!

Shoe guide for kicking it back to school!
As a parent, you'll want your child to start the school year with the best school shoes. A good pair of school shoes can make all the difference in the world! Not only do they contribute to good posture and support, they also help your child stay comfortable when they're on their feet. When it comes to buying school uniform shoes, you need to choose the right black uniform shoes and white uniform shoes! But finding the best uniform shoes might be difficult with many styles, features, and materials available to pick from.

So we've prepared a short guideline to take a step in the right direction to find the perfect school shoe!

Finding the right style of shoe:

When choosing the right shoes for your child, the style decides how comfortable they will be. If the school has guidelines for its uniform, make sure that the style you pick falls within the school's guidelines.

There is also a distinct difference in style between girls school shoes and boys school shoes. Choosing the right style that complements your child's personality will help them feel confident!

Choosing the construction of the shoe that best suits your child and the environment they're in:

The quality of the school shoe you pick has to be sturdy and durable. A flimsy shoe is unreliable and will break down quickly.

Next, the material used in making the shoe keeps it looking good. Leather school shoes and canvas shoes are great choices that will last the entire school year!

The shoe should also be lightweight, so the children don't feel weighed down. This ensures that your child can be fast and agile while walking around or playing outside.

Finding shoes that are easy to maintain:

Shoes that are easy to clean significantly impact your child. It makes an impact on their appearance, health, habits and self-esteem. So, find shoes made of materials that don’t get dirty easily and are easy to clean.

Choosing comfort over everything:

Does the shoe have velcro straps or elastics that make it easy to take off and put on? Are the shoes easy to move around in and bend at the ankle? Is the shoe long enough to allow growth but not drag on the ground? If your answer is 'yes', it might be just perfect.

However, remember that there should not be a space between the toes and the end of the shoe. If there is, it means that their foot isn't supported quite right.

We've covered everything you need to know to make the right choice. So go lace up your shoes and walk to your nearest Walkaroo store. Or, visit the Walkaroo website for school shoes that check off all boxes. The perfect school shoe is waiting for your child to flaunt it!

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