Finding durable footwear, especially slippers, for kids is a huge task. Their rough usage and everyday favourites make it harder for parents to find the perfect kids’ slippers for day-to-day usage and that fit well. Walkaroo is here to resolve all of these at an affordable rate with easy purchase options.  

Here are the top 15 trending slippers for kids in 2022

1. Blue red cartoon design slippers

Combining the most popular and favorite colours of kids in slippers and accentuating them with cartoon designs is the perfect combination for kids’ slippers for boys. These slippers are comfortable, soft, and long lasting.


The designs appear in colours like yellow and orange, complementing the major colours. These kids’ slippers are a must for rough playtime and daily wear use.

2. Bright red slippers for boys

Red indicates fire and energy. Kids run around with an energy adults can only dream of. To help them letting it all out, good kids’ slippers are a must. These bright red slippers for boys contain the number of designs, making them look fun and stylish.

The contrasting colours of blue and white elevate the red, and we can guarantee your kids will choose these over any other choice of kids’ slippers.


3. Navy blue ‘be restless’ slippers


These navy-blue kids’ slippers for boys are here to rule. The soft sole and broad straps feel great and comfortable on the feet. The words ‘Be restless’ perfectly describe kids and their everyday life. With these engraved slippers in contrasting orange colour, we deem it the right choice for your active kid.


4. Grey and green slippers

Grey and green is a colour that looks neat at all times. Camouflage the dirt kids carry in their slippers with the grey shade, and a touch of green elevates the aesthetic look. These slippers are comfortable to wear, and the slight elevation to hold the toes in place is the best choice of kids’ slippers for boys. The abstract design adds more beauty to them.


5. Black slippers for boys

Can one go wrong with black? We don’t think so. The most versatile and the classiest of colours, black is always chosen over other colours in a lot of situations. These full black slippers go with any outfit for any occasion. Do not worry if your kid is fussy with footwear. Let them wear style and comfort at the same time with these black kids’ slippers for boys.


6. Black and grey funky slippers

These black and grey funky slippers for boys are the most preferred kids’ slippers. We understand it’s mainly because of the stubborn grip on the sole and the funky looks to go with it. The broad straps and the grey stitches all along make them durable and the most stylish looking of the lot. These slippers also come at an affordable rate that fits anyone’s budget.


7. Blue fashion slippers for girls


While we already know that blue is a common colour to go with any outfit, how does one make it fun and unique looking? These kids’ slippers for girls with floral designs all over serve as the answer to that question. The slight heel makes it more fashionable. The straps come in their own design with golden beads, elevating the beauty. These can be worn as an everyday wear or even with Blue trendy slipper outfits.


8. Blue and black half-and-half slippers

The fact that these kids’ slippers are exactly half blue and half black is unique in itself. Add some pretty designs in white as a contrast, and voila! You have found the most trending kids’ slippers for girls in 2022. The thin straps and sturdy grip on the sole just add to the pretty looks of these slippers.


9. Pink and grey half-and-half slippers

Pink and grey slippers are a match made in heaven. Incorporate them in the new and unique half-and-half design, these kids’ slippers are winners among every girl kid out there. The perfect little design all over the pink area and the contrasting plain grey act as a separate fashion choice. Even the straps carry their own designs and it is just as beautiful to wear them. Of course, comfort comes along with it!


10. Pink soft slippers

A colour as mild and soft as pink is perfectly placed in pink kids’ slippers. With black peeking in small bits here and there, the pink stands out more than ever. The little star designs are for the stars that kids are in the world. To top it all off, the kitty design makes it looks irresistibly cute. Any little girl would love this combination of colours and designs.


11. Mint green slippers

Mint green slipper is a unique choice of colour for slippers. But we can be certain that it works great because this is one of the most popular kids’ slippers in 2022. The soft straps protect the skin from getting irritated due to friction. You can be sure to avoid

any shoe bites with these. Being one of the fastest moving colours, we are certain that they will not go out of trend any time soon.


12. Teal blue slippers

Teal is an aesthetic shade of blue that offers more than just versatility. While it looks blue, the shine on the colour offers a huge fashion statement. The tiny heart designs in white are only here to provide the much-needed contrast and a break from the monotone. It makes us appreciate the teal shade more. Show these kids' slippers to your kids, and we know they will not ignore this option.


13. Pink and black heart design slippers

There is nothing as too much pink. The tiny heart designs on the black sole are unmatched. The three straps with support for the big toe make it practical and comfortable to wear. The way these kids' slippers cover the whole feet ensures good grip and proper coverage. The soft sole is an absolute no-brainer in kids’ slippers and that’s what you will find in these as well.


14. Royal blue simple daily wear slippers

One of the most trending designs in kids’ slippers is the huge strap in the front that cover almost the whole feet. This not only ensures great grip but also serves as a space for more design visibility. The simple stripes on the strap elevates its style and look. These are just slip-ons that your kids will find difficult to avoid or ignore. Do not blame us if they want to wear these with all their outfits on all occasions.


15. Yellow and grey slippers

Yellow and grey slippers are the most underrated combination of colours. Buy these slippers and you will see why. These slippers have a great support strap that acts as a great grip on the feet, and the toes. The subtle yellow buckle design increases the style and we know the kids will love this.


Well, we don’t spit facts without proof. These are one of the most trending kids’ slippers among boys this year.


Walkaroo focuses on quality, comfort, and style. We do not wish to compromise on any of these while ensuring that the kids’ slippers are available at affordable rates. Find us online and order for yourself to see our words come true.

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