Latest Belly Shoes For Women In 2022

Latest Belly Shoes For Women In 2022

Latest Belly Shoes For Women In 2022

Latest Belly Shoes for Women in 2023


There is no denying that comfort is the new gorgeous. Heels may still be in the game, but with current fashion trends and the amount of beautiful, elegant designs that are out in the market, there is no one way to go.



Belly shoes for women has truly expanded its horizon and made their way into every woman’s closet. It is practical, fits all age groups, is comfortable, and is safe.


It is about time we divulge the idea that heels are the only form of shoes that fit into women’s beauty standards and start exploring our options. There are a variety of shoes to pick from and here are some of the best belly shoes that Walkaroo has to offer.

Walkaroo’s Navy Blue Belly Shoes are designed to cater to your festive needs. It goes well with all your party outfits, be it Indian or Western, and at the same time does not falter in its comfort.

The hexagonal patterns imprinted over the shoe catch the light from certain angles making it even more beautiful. The overall matte finish with its contrasting white sole helps enhance it further making it the choice of belly shoes for women on any platform.


To buy belly shoes for women might be a new venture for many as it is only now that we have started taking our health into consideration when it comes to quality and design. With all the extra workload we take upon ourselves, it has become rather a necessity to go on walks and keep our body fit.


A lot of us also work in sectors that require a lot of movement and manual labour and find it hard to do so without the right pair of footwear. Walkaroo’s Pink Belly Shoes for Women is the solution we were all looking for. It comes forth both in style and comfort.


It is the perfect companion for all our chores, be it at home or at the office. It is easy to move around in and lastly, it helps keep our feet healthy, protected and in shape.

Walkaroo’s Grey Belly Shoes are designed for leisure. It is a lightweight sandal with a soft footbed built specifically to cater to long comfortable walks. It can work mindlessly as it utilises slip-in technology.


The soft exterior, as well as the interior, almost makes you forget the weight of the shoe itself making it seemingly cloud-like. The perforated outer provides for maximum ventilation preventing sweat and odour irrespective of the activity. It also levels up in style with its unique colour combination with an attractive focaccia inner accent.




It gives maximum support to the entire foot making it easy on us. The pillowy sturdy sole also helps in reducing any skidding by giving enough grip. All in all, belly shoes for women are an easy and necessary purchase regardless of the season or occasion.

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